A newly launched single product (ODOP) -Tarkashi handicrafts  scheme by the UP Government District-Mainpuri

A district one product (ODDP) scheme has been operated by the UP government. A product has been selected from each district under the scheme. Various schemes are being run by the government for the development of the selected product. Tarakshi handicrafts has been selected in the Mainpuri district under the scheme. There is a provision of giving different levels of help to the entrepreneurs / beneficiaries of Tarakashi Handicrafts selected by the government. There is a provision to provide grant-in-aid financial assistance to various beneficiaries at different levels along with training facilities, marketing, cashmere, toolkit as well as different loan schemes. For the purpose of further development of the product in the district, the loan scheme is also being run by a government under which the beneficiaries will be provided with 25% grant facility with a loan facility of upto 25 lakhs. Currently, interested beneficiaries can apply for financial assistance under chief minister, self employment scheme, Prime Minister Money Scheme, standup scheme.

Brief description / eligibility for a district plan product funding

01. The scheme will be funded by the branches of Nationalized Banks / Rural Bank of Aryavarta.
02. Total project cost upto Rs. 25.00 lakhs will be 25% of the total project cost, maximum 6.25 lakh which will be payable as margin money, whichever is less.
03. After successful operation for 02 years of the venture, Margin Money will be adjusted in the beneficiary’s account as a grant.
04. The general category beneficiaries will have to submit 10% of the project cost in the form of their own contribution. Scheduled Castes / Scheduled Tribes / Other Backward Classes / Minorities / Women / Divisan beneficiaries have to submit a total of 05 percent of the project cost as their own contribution.

Eligibility conditions

01. Applicant should be at least 18 years of age.
02. Educational qualification is not the obligation.
03. Facilities for financial assistance in the industry / services / business sector will be available to the units of ODO product identified for the district.
04. The applicant or entity should not be the defaulter of any nationalized bank / financial institution / government organization.
05. In the past the benefit of the Government of India or any self-employment scheme operated by the Government of Uttar Pradesh has not been received by the applicant.
06. Any member of the applicant or his family will be benefited only once for the purpose.
07. Scheduled Caste / tribe / Other Backward Classes / Minority / Women and Divisions will be required to present Caste Certificate of the category reserved by the beneficiaries.


                                                      Chief Minister Handicrafts Pension Scheme
Handicrafts pension scheme is operated for the handicrafts of the state. Under this scheme, there is a provision of granting pension of Rs 500 per month to selected handicrafts. Filling of handicrafts for eligibility in the scheme should be nurtured based on his sculpture. The minimum age of scholars should be 60 years or more. In case of being disabled and female craftsman, the minimum age limit is five years’ exemption. Handmade handlers must have Handicrafts Identity Card (Artificial Card) issued by the Development Commissioner (Handicrafts), Ministry of Textiles, Government of India. Annual income of Shilpakar’s family should not be more than one lakh rupees. Craftsmen should not be regular salaried employees in government / non-government / semi-governmental / NGOs / private organizations. The benefit of the same type of pension scheme will be permissible to the handicraftsman. If the benefit of Pension has been received by the Handloom Government of India / other Government schemes, then it will not be eligible to avail the benefit of this scheme. Designated craftsman does not own a four-wheeler vehicle from the plan.

                                                            Handicraft identity card scheme
. This scheme is operated by the Government of India. The handicrafts are provided to the handicrafts by creating a photo with an identifiable photograph and the number is also marked on it. Application for handicrafts introduction letter can be done in two types. Fill the application form prescribed by the Government of India and can be deposited in the District Industry Center, after which the recommendation for the formation of Handicrafts Identity Card will be recommended. On-line application for Handicraft Identity Card can be made on the web site of the Ministry of Textiles, Government of India. The handicraftsman has to be an expert in the field of any art of handicrafts which can be mentioned on the identity card.

                                                 Handicraft Marketing Incentive Scheme
Handicraft Marketing Incentive Scheme is a plan to encourage handicrafts, through which they can sell their handicrafts products in hot / fairs and the maximum amount of expenditure on the arrival of the above mentioned purpose is paid up to Rs 20000 through district industry center. goes.. This scheme is covered by the fair which is notified by the Directorate General of Industry Uttar Pradesh Kanpur. In the middle of the participating handicrafts, it is mandatory to have the identity card issued by the Development Commissioner Handicrafts, Government of India. In order to participate in the scheme, the handicrafts are to be divided in the not-so-called fair, which is to be shared before the participation of the District Industry Center in writing. Under this scheme

                                            Handicrafts Skill Development Training Scheme
Directorate of Industry, Uttar Pradesh, Kanpur is allocated for 10 trainees in one or two year program of 06 months for learning handicrafts work under Handicraft Skill Development Training Scheme. The training is provided by the District Industries Center through the State Award received or received by the National Awardees by the skilled handicrafts. For the training, the age of the trainee should be 18 to 35 years. Must be native of the district.


                                                                                                                                                       Deputy industrialist
                                                                                                                                   District industries and enterprises

                                                                                                                                           Promotion Center, Mainpuri